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COMPUTER TUNE UP - more information

We are all aware that a car need to have a regular maintenance and The Computer is not different that a car and The Computer will have far more things that can go wrong and our activities are jeopardize if they stop working.

>>Are you aware that:

· Microsoft Update Windows and Office each month and some times twice a month and some of the updates protect you from someone take information from your computer?

· If you have an antivirus software does not guarantee that you computer will not get infected by a new virus. To reduce this risk you need to update the definition of the viruses each day and some times twice a day.

· The SpyWare software that is installed automatically at your computer each time that you visit popular web sites can take private information from your computer and can make your computer crawl like an old computer.

· When you visit a web site each picture, logo, drawing and text stay at your computer for ever using space and making your hard drive not reliable and fail.

You hard drive is working extra and reducing the life time due to the hard drive fragmentation.

We want to take responsibility to do al the maintenance services that your Computer needs and also provide you with the help and support for any problem or question that you have.


For only a minimum fee we connect to your computer periodically and check to make sure that is working properly, no viruses no SpyWare, have the last versions and that the computer is running fast as they can.

>> We include the following task:

· Windows Update, download all Microsoft updates including the drives that make your computer run properly.

· Office Update: Solve problems and security risk on the current MS Office installation.

· Virus Update: Make sure that you have the last version of Antivirus Software and Virus Definitions.

· Virus Configuration: Set up the antivirus software properly to run the updates automatically each day, that any e-mail received or web site visited does not infect your computer with a know virus and that ones a week the computer is full check for viruses.

· Clean Up: Check the computer to make sure that does not have any unnecessary temporary files.

· Tune Up: Configure Windows to run as fast and clean that your computer allow.

· We offer you to backup your important files on our Web (Up to 2Gb) or provide you with an external Hard Drive that we will do the backup for you. In the case of an emergency we will work with you to restore the information and avoid loosing critical business or personal information.

· Discount rates for Software Installation, Hardware Installation files recovery and special projects.


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